Announcing Chessclock

See the project page for the details.

We thought that having a chess clock– a real one, that is– might be fun, but after finding out that they’re not so cheap and also quite heavy (an important consideration for permanently on-the-road expats like myself), I realized that a laptop could do the job. And so, here’s my simple solution.

Chessclock was originally written in 184 lines of C#. It was an experiment with the language. It was also my last C# application.

In was rewritten in Ruby in just under 2 hours, coming in at 141 lines (a 23% reduction). The resulting code is, in my opinion, much cleaner and more modular. (But blame my freshness with C# and not the language itself, if you like!)

This initial release has all the features of an analog chess clock, or an entry level digital one. Some of the advanced features of the expensive digital clocks might be on the way, but then, I never did buy one, so I don’t know what they offer.


One Response to Announcing Chessclock

  1. Michael says:

    The link to download chessclock seems to be broken. Took me a long time to find another download source (found the code on This is easily the best chess clock I have found for PC it’s simple and does what it needs to perfectly and what’s more it’s for linux!

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