Luz is coming

I’ve never been more excited about a project than I am about this one.

See the project page for more details.

The name Luz (pronounced “loose”) means light in Spanish and Portuguese, and that’s what it’s all about: using the immense power of modern computers to produce light shows.

Luz VJ Console

The VJ Console. Click on the image for a larger version.

The basic idea is this: put up objects on the screen and make them do interesting things. Object appearances and behaviors are provided by plugins, so users can create new ones and trade them.

The inspiration came mainly from the new crop of vector animation showing up on TV these days, especially on VH1. When simple graphics play and dance to the music, it’s a beautiful thing, and I wanted to recreate that experience in a more extensible, modular, and open way.

At this point it’s not quite ready for end-user use. Most of the basics are there, but I’m still refactoring things, tying them together, and making final design decisions.

However, if you have Ruby and/or OpenGL programming skills and would like to help out, feel free to send me an email ( or leave a comment here with contact details.

Stay tuned for more!


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