Fun with Wacom Tablets in Luz

A design studio yardsale yields me a 6×8 Wacom Tablet.  Yyyyeeesssss.  So I’ve added support to Luz, the open-source VJ tool factory.

I’m still getting used to drawing on the tablet, and I was never much of an artist to begin with, but I’m having a blast drawing live to music.

(Click to enlarge; looks best when not scaled down by your browser.)

The subject matter was definitely influenced by the music– some Manu Chao (pachamama, te veo tan triste) and some BsAs electro tango.  Respect to anyone who can guess what those two things around the Eiffel Tower are…

Some go on for just a minute, others grow for upwards of an hour…

You can also use any of the 75+ (and counting) normal Actor Effects on them, live, while drawing:

A peek at the editor, creating a unique drawing style:

I’d like to take some videos but so far no luck making gtk-recordMyDesktop capture the playing music instead of the mic.  (Any ideas what to put in the “Device:” field?  I’m using Hardy+PulseAudio)


2 Responses to Fun with Wacom Tablets in Luz

  1. Dread Knight says:

    where can i find that luz application? xD

  2. Dread Knight says:

    oh nevermind 🙂 it’s interesting, i should try it out.

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