Luz at Play

Creations like this happen pretty much nightly in my house these days.

This is a visual synth created in Luz.

I’ll start recording these directly on the computer if I ever figure out how to make RecordMyDesktop capture the playing music instead of the mic.   Ugh!


2 Responses to Luz at Play

  1. Achim says:


    your visualisation looks really awesome.

    Maybe I have a hint for you how to record what you hear with RecordMyDesktop.
    If you use pulseaudio I think I have a solution for you that works quite well for me.

    I found the solution there:

    This is how you find out your monitor device.

    $ pactl list | grep monitor

    1. $ sudo apt-get install libasound2-plugins
    2. vi ~/.asoundrc
    add this to the file:
    pcm.monitor {
    type pulse
    3. recordmydesktop -device monitor
    4. have fun


    Thanks for the tip, Achim! I gave this a try, and while it looks like it’s working, it now hangs at 0% in the encode stage!

  2. Dread Knight says:

    Interesting application! 🙂

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