New Tango icon for ScreenRuler

I just discovered a Tango-styled icon Jaanos made for my ScreenRuler app.  Cool!

I’ll include it in the next release.

Thanks, Jaanos!


3 Responses to New Tango icon for ScreenRuler

  1. Søren Juul says:


    I have used ScreenRuler and is very pleased with it, but I have a suggestion which I believe would improve it even further, I would like a mouse over feature, which shows the exact pixel width (or what unit you might be using), so that I do not have to count the lines (and probably count wrong).

    Thanks in advance

  2. doodley says:

    Hay! I would say, that without precise pixel showing, the app is… sorry… but it is completely unusable. Look at JRuler for Windows. And precise kayboard positioning? With keyboard, the ruler jumps like crazy, 7 or 8 pixels at a time. 7 or 8, since it’s impossible to measure with GRuler, as it doesn’t show exact pixel location 🙂

    I’m sorry it’s unusable for you.

    The measurement feature is the single most requested one. I’ll add it some day, or you or anyone else can implement it. For single-pixel movement, try holding down the SHIFT key.

  3. Dakingun says:


    I’ve packaged Gruler (or is it ScreenRuler 😉 ) for Fedora, and people seem to love it. There is a feature request for it (along the line of what others have asked for here) at .

    Cool thanks for the packaging. Yeah I’ve standardized on the name ScreenRuler. The Debian/Ubuntu package is called screenruler, the launchpad page is /screenruler, here at this blog, etc. It would be nice to have the Fedora package be consistent, if that’s possible.

    I’d definitely like to see real-world measurements be more consistent and accurate. I think it’s possible now, with the info that video cards provide. A feature to calibrate the ruler might be good, too, like that bug report suggests.

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