PowerManager GUI change proposal

Would this be a good change?


Update 1

Update 2 (with Mats Taraldsvik’s proposal)


21 Responses to PowerManager GUI change proposal

  1. fred says:

    It’s nicer, but it would be even better if the colors used to draw the graph where described in the caption (the red…)

  2. freeroot says:

    In my opinion, the older one looks easier on the eyes. ..but in the new one the buttons are better separated from the rest.
    I am really not sure which one is better. What do you intend with your change?

  3. Alex Launi says:

    Yes, graph titles are traditionally at the top. This makes it much more readable.

  4. Mats Taraldsvik says:

    Even better:

    Omit “Graph type:” and align the combobox with the graph’s left end. 🙂

  5. Jonathan Pryor says:


  6. Wouter says:

    Yes. 2nd update is even better.

  7. Wouter says:

    Although I am still totally puzzled by the meaning of that graph: does it take 3m30 for a whole battery charge? And how is it possible that it goes up and down, not only up? Within a few seconds from 10 to 80%?


  8. Hugo Heden says:

    Agreeing with Wouter — what does this graph mean? In Update 2 for example, the graph shows that for a battery percentage of 40%, the average time elapsed is two minutes. Ehh.. what does that mean?

  9. Gabe says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but I like the third one. I’d like it even more if you’d line up the left and right edges of the drop-down with the left and right edges of the graph, as well as the left edge of the checkbox with the left edge of the legend.

    All three of the dialogs look cluttered because nothing lines up properly.

  10. Johan says:

    I agree with some of the other commenters – this graph is unutterably confusing. “average time elapsed” … since what?

  11. antono says:

    +1 for second update
    I think chekbox should be aligned with legend.

  12. Last update looks sensible to me. I also agree with the above posters pointing out that it’s hard to figure out what the graphs mean.

  13. jovan says:

    The older looks better.

  14. Adam C says:

    Just to echo what other people are saying here, if theres some changes going in please also fix the fact that the graphs are confusing and dont match the legend. This graph is one of the worst, on my computer I’ve got red and gray, which arent in the legend so I have no idea what they mean. Like the graph you used as an example above, the charge graph seems to indicate my battery charges from 0-100% in 5 minutes (which it doesnt), so either the data being displayed needs a better label, or its just wrong.

    I’m not actually a developer of the PowerManager app, but I’m sure the devs will catch this thread and hear what you’re saying.

  15. Robert says:

    Yes..i like the change, I think input fields always must be on top of GUI elemtes that has a dependency on those input options, In this case. the chart component depends of the selected option on the combobox, so it must be after or below it.

    Yeah I agree that top-to-bottom (and left-to-right) is how controls should affect others.

  16. Darryl R says:

    Sorry to flog a dead horse, but I have to reinforce the comments of Wouter et al. Obviously we are all missing something, but these graphs have always been a source of confusion for me and there is nothing in the help documentation to make them clearer.

    If the graphs showed Time Elapsed on the X axis, with a charge profile on Y starting from 0% and increasing monotonically to 100%, it would be intuitively understandable. Don’t understand how it is possible to have multiple values as the graph crosses a single ‘average time elapsed’ point… it looks like the axes are labelled the wrong way around.

    The same goes for other profiles such as the discharge profile. As for ‘Estimated Time History’, I have no idea what that graph is about.

    Can somebody please explain?

  17. mmc says:

    The 100% label is not centered with respect to the tick, so it gets very close to the 90%; and the “Battery percentage” is not centered wrt the graph. I know that it was like this before as well, but while you’re touching it…

  18. Jon Cooper says:

    I’m “just a user” and I don’t understand the “Add related events” checkbox – if its checked by default, why would I want to uncheck it? What does it do? Clearly the Help button will explain this, but does it really need to be there?

    I also think there must be a better way to display the key, but I can’t for the life of me think of one; especially as moving it back (I think it used to be at the bottom?) brings back the vertical height issue.

  19. triton says:

    The legend should be inside the graph, in the top corner, maybe transparent. Right now it takes a lot of space and it makes the layout look kinda of fugly.

  20. Patrys says:

    The last one is the best – in GUIs always try to put the option before the context it affects 🙂

  21. Nielsen says:

    What’s the user requirement for this graph anyway? I’ve never looked at it, don’t know anyone else who’s ever looked at it, nor can I think of any reason I’d want to. Yet by default, it takes up very valuable space on my menus. Perhaps the best redesign is to get rid of it!

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