Eyeballs like Color

The glamour shot of ScreenRuler somehow became the #1 image result for “ruler” in Google.

That leads to 400 untargeted visitors per day, so I put a link to ubuntu.com up at the top of the landing page to try to capitalize on it.  What if 1 in 1000 give Ubuntu a try?

I know, I know— it makes more sense to link to a Gnome site or Wikipedia, but I think ubuntu.com is more likely to convert users.

In related news, ScreenRuler is now one-click installable in Ubuntu 8.10’s Add/Remove app (thanks to the packager, Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals).


2 Responses to Eyeballs like Color

  1. ethana2 says:

    linux is not an OS, GNU is not an OS, Gnome is not an OS. When people want a windows alternative, they want an OS.

    Ubuntu is a good choice. If they care enough, they can always find out about others later, and in fact, switching to Ubuntu makes that a ton more likely.

  2. Osmo Salomaa says:

    ScreenRuler lets you measure objects on your Ubuntu desktop using six different metrics.

    So it doesn’t work on Fedora? Not even Debian? What about a BSD or Solaris?

    Only if you hold your Ubuntu desktop up next to them.

    So what’s a better way to help those 400 untargeted visitors per day?

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