New in Luz

Since my post about expressive inputs and the problems with ALPS touchpads, I got a new T61 laptop that has a Synaptic touchpad, and I’m happy to say it works MUCH better.


I also got a Wiimote and Luz support for it is getting pretty slick.  Pointing the Wiimote straight up gives you a Pitch value of 1.0, and straight down is 0.0.  So, for example, you can raise your arms up as the energy grows, and Luz can respond by raising the light level, or however you like.  It’s great for live performance!!

All the buttons work, too.  I’m using the trigger for “bang” events, which objects can respond to however they like, and the A button (the round one under your thumb) does fullscreen blur.  (All of these input setup choices are made IN THE EDITOR.)

Luz 0.6

Click to enlarge.

(These creations move and shine with the beat and live inputs.  I’ll make a video soon.)

Other new features:

  • Anaglyph 3D rendering plugin (using side-by-side OpenGL cameras)
  • The “Time Fast Forward” plugin now allows negative multipliers, letting time run in reverse
  • New plugin “Slider with Hold Button” lets you freeze the incoming values from any slider type input while a button is held down.  (“Slider” and “Button” are any type of supported input: MIDI sliders and knobs and buttons, mice, pc keyboards, gamepads/joysticks, laptop touchpads as absolute x/y and pressure, wacom tablets, Wiimotes, and any software or hardware that can send MIDI or OpenSoundControl.)

Luz is still very much a work in progress.  Contributions and testers welcome!  >>  Project page.


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