Announcing ScreenRuler 0.88

ScreenRuler 0.88 uses a better method for determining pixels-per-inch and allows you to override it, ensuring that the real-world metrics (inches, mm, etc.) are accurate.  (Pixel and percentage metrics have always been accurate.)

ScreenRuler 0.88

Available in the repo: bzr co lp:screenruler


2 Responses to Announcing ScreenRuler 0.88

  1. anon says:

    Not your fault, but it’s annoying that so many programs need custom DPI settings. This is supposed to be set globally by the operating system based on the monitor’s EDID and the current resolution! It’s a really weak point of free operating systems, wchich manifests itself the most in font rendering. I wish it could come to the attention of more developers.

    Microsoft is really bitten by this too, especially with the appearance of high-DPI laptop screens where their fonts are absolutely microscopic at the standard point sizes, and apple announced that they are working on resolution-independent displays, which really just means scalable layouts with font sizes set relative to the physical DPI.

  2. Hans de Graaff says:

    I noticed there only is a versioned downloadable tarball for 0.85. Will you also create one for 0.88? I’d be happy to add ScreenRuler to Gentoo’s main repository but the lack of versioned tarballs is holding me back at the moment.

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