Introducing Audioverse — a new multiplayer, 3D-sound interactive fiction framework

Audioverse is a framework for creating immersive 3D-audio-enhanced environments as backdrops for interactive fiction.

Audioverse supports 3D-sound placement, natural distance-based attenuation, looping sounds, and the doppler effect to paint the audio world.

Occlusion is in the works, to make sounds change when, for example, someone closes the door between you and the sound source. Realistic reverb and echo effects will also be added for large rooms, cave environments, etc. Update Jul 25 2009: Occlusion (using low-pass filters) and environmental effects (sound reverberation based on room size, wall material, air quality, etc.) have since been added and sound rad.

Audioverse’s server and client are both written in Ruby so they’re super easy to work on. New types of objects can be created quickly, since a great scripting language is built right in.

The client and server communicate via Google Protocol Buffers. The client uses OpenAL to render the sound, and a simple GTK+ terminal provides ANSI colored text and background images.

Download the OGG video of Audioverse in action.
(Wear headphones!)

You can grab Audioverse from Bazaar like this:
bzr co --lightweight lp:~ian-mcintosh/audioverse/trunk audioverse

This project could use an audio engineer to create or find audio samples. Please leave a comment if you’re interested!


8 Responses to Introducing Audioverse — a new multiplayer, 3D-sound interactive fiction framework

  1. jason says:

    This is very cool!

  2. Jeff Walden says:

    No video-element love?

  3. Dylan McCall says:

    This is awesome. There’s really a lot of room for interactive fiction (or other text adventures) to win hearts and kick arse, and this totally demonstrates why. Strip the weight of graphics and you can put focus on some really neat, oft-ignored stuff.

    Thanks! I agree that interactive fiction is a ripe field. Doing it with graphics is very difficult, and very expensive. If it’s not done impeccably, I think it *hurts* the immersion. Text and sound can suggest enough that your imagination can do the rest!

    (In my opinion: The first ebook reader to have Frotz, at least, and a usable keyboard wins big time).

  4. artfwo says:

    Hi! An interesting project, I could take some time to help with the samples, what kind of them are you looking for?

    I’ll get in touch via email.

  5. Anders says:

    I think the compression has killed all 3d-sound-effects?

    Oh– it looks like the recording software only captures one channel of audio. Whoops! Well, at least you can hear distance-based attenuation and some doppler effect.

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  8. 3.14159 says:

    the links to the demo files are dead. can i install it on a server? just imagine how great it would be to combine this with mumble …

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