Occlusion in Audioverse

Audioverse got basic occlusion today. That means it knows what’s between your character and a sound source, and can adjust the sound accordingly. When a door closes, sound from behind the door changes.

Currently, we’re only changing the volume to reflect the occlusion, but later we’ll also be applying a low-pass filter to the sound. (I need to improve the Ruby OpenAL bindings to support effect filters!)

Download the OGG video demonstrating occlusion.

(I’ve noticed that gtk-recordMyDesktop insists on producing single-channel audio in the videos. Even when I set it to 2 channels, it only records one. Any ideas?)


2 Responses to Occlusion in Audioverse

  1. Jeff Walden says:

    Hmm, I investigated video-element use here a little more, since I wasn’t getting it to work in Firefox with the following mocked-up data URL:


    It turns out that, since the file is sent with Content-Type application/octet-stream, Firefox assumes it can’t play the file, so the video element won’t work with it; WebKit, I guess, throws it at QuickTime which must do some sort of sniffing to determine that it can play it. HTML5 is ambiguous about this at the moment and does not say whether a/o-s is a type the UA knows it cannot render; I suggest just giving it the appropriate MIME type since it’s presumably not that much work to do so. Adding these lines to an appropriate .htaccess should cover all the bases for Ogg content:

    AddType application/ogg .ogg
    AddType application/ogg .ogx
    AddType video/ogg .ogv
    AddType audio/ogg .oga

    Thanks for the tip. I added the MIME type settings to the hosting server. That video can now be used in an HTML5 video tag. However, when I add such a tag to a post here (on wordpress.com) the server seems to remove it.

  2. Just saw your post on PGO. Is there a “mission statement” of sorts for the AudioVerse project? I’m wondering if it shares any vision with this blog post I did back in 2008 (http://mindtrove.info/rich-audio-muds/). If so, I know some people who would be very interested in it.

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