now hear this! Audioverse 0.2 audio demo!

Audioverse is a new open source, multiplayer, 3d-audio interactive fiction framework.

New in 0.2:
– Environmental audio, now spaces have realistic reverberation
– Proper occlusion modeling using a low-pass filter (sounds are muffled behind walls)
– Narrator support

Listen to the stereo audio demo in ogg or mp3 format. Wear headphones!

In case it’s not clear, that’s a recording of me playing via keyboard. Once I figure out a good audio menu system/GUI, the player can recline with a gamepad/wiimote, headphones, eyes closed, imagination open.

The narrator in this video is Festival using an improved voice but it’s still a little kludgey in places. It can use other text-to-speech technologies.


2 Responses to now hear this! Audioverse 0.2 audio demo!

  1. Mike Sheldon says:

    Looks/sounds interesting. You might want to look at using the HTS 2005/2007 festival voices as they give much better quality and smoother speech. You can see a demo of them here:

    and download them here:

  2. Per says:

    Really fascinating! I’ve been doing some voice overs over the years so the first thing I was thinking about was how cool it would be if there was a real human voice doing the narrating. Would that be possible? It would take some work to record it but it would make the experience that much nicer.

    Good work!

    Thanks and YES human narration would be great and is definitely possible.

    Further, each non-player character could be voiced differently, and their lines could play right out of the character’s mouth in the 3D world.

    (And of course the players could use a VoIP chat directly, if they wanted.)

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