text support in Luz

I’m working on adding text rendering to Luz:

Luz Studio Text Example

With Luz you build visuals by combining the 180+ plugins and attaching their settings to human inputs or animations.

The creations you make can be played live using MIDI devices, OpenSoundControl, Gamepads, Wiimotes, laptop touchpads, and Wacom Tablets.

Get Involved!

Luz needs a tutorial video! Do you have a fast linux computer? Interested in visualization?

If you think you could create a good instructional video, I will personally teach you how to use Luz first. Interested? shoot me an email => ian at openanswers.org


4 Responses to text support in Luz

  1. maninalift says:

    Luz looks great. deffo gonna play with it

  2. Elliot says:

    Luz is looking great, its a shame I don’t have the time to put into making a video at the moment, even the most basic of usage guides would be extremely useful at the moment! Hope you find someone to take this on.

  3. Matt says:

    Looks cool. I wonder if Luz, re-purposed a bit, would make a good visualizer for music in media players.

  4. J0$H F!TZ says:

    I have not yet played with TEXT in luz… I need to!

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