hosting for Luz tutorial ogg videos?

The first two intro-to-Luz videos are done and I would like to share them with Planet Gnome, but I’m not sure my server’s bandwidth is up to the task.

Do you have space to host some/all of them, or ideas as to where I can host them?

YouTube etc. could work, but it needs to support subtitles (.srt) in multiple languages.

The videos will be about 400 megabytes total, and could potentially/hopefully see a lot of plays.

Comments are open for ideas! Thank you!!


7 Responses to hosting for Luz tutorial ogg videos?

  1. Alan Pope says:

    I have used to host my ogg videos. I don’t know about whether they do subtitles, but the fact they will host ogg videos is handy 🙂

  2. joe says:

    youtube supports subtitles in multiple languages:

    Thank you! I didn’t know that. I’ve uploaded the tutorials to YouTube as a backup for those who can’t view HTML5 OGG Video.

  3. antistress says: + universal subtitles and you’re done

    You’ll play them inside the browser thanks to the video HTML5 tag and Universal Subtitles adds a widget in Javascript to deal with subtitles

  4. offers unlimited storage of any kind of file (and as many files as you wish), accessibility to the files (so your viewers can download the tutorials and watch them any time they want), zero cost, and the site will make derivative files for you.

    Thank you! I’m trying out hosting the ogg videos on Let’s see how well it works in the HTML5 video tag remotely.

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