Luz Studio Tutorial 1 & 2

I invite you to view the first two Luz Studio tutorials:

They should play with subtitles, either as HTML5 video (OGG Theora), or via YouTube FLV.

I would appreciate any feedback you have on the tutorials. I intend to make many more, but I’d like to know if these are working for people.

Comments are open. Thanks!!


2 Responses to Luz Studio Tutorial 1 & 2

  1. Eloff says:

    Sweet! I tried luz a long time ago, but needed a tutorial to get started. This is a great start…

    Good job and keep up the good work 🙂

    Thank you! And I welcome suggestions for tutorial topics.

  2. Direct links to ogv files and YouTube videos would be appreciated: the fancy HTML5 video works just enough in Chromium/Firefox to hide the Flash fallback, but not well enough to actually watch those screencasts to the end.

    OK thanks for the feedback, I added download links: and I’m considering swapping the order: YouTube videos falling back to HTML5 video.

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