Install ScreenRuler in Ubuntu

I just found a neat link for Ubuntu users:

Install ScreenRuler.

A few clicks and you’ve got a screen ruler for design projects, web site creation, GUI editing, etc.


8 Responses to Install ScreenRuler in Ubuntu

  1. I love this app too!

  2. Vadim P. says:

    I love this app (made by you)!

    I love you (made by your moms)!

  3. Jeroen Hoek says:

    If you want to disable the resize-grip in the bottom-right corner (newly enabled in all GTK applications since Ubuntu Natty), you can…. [snipped]

    (patch submitted to the Screenruler project)

    Thanks for the patch! Committed as revision 28.

  4. Ruvada says:

    I just found this very nice feature, to use in KDE. Most important missing: settings are not saved. Displaying of the value at the cursor is very useful for accurate measure, but is continuing when you go working in another window. Should only work if the ruler is on the foreground.

    Apparently it is interacting with KRuler, as while playing with resizing, my whole system crashed and freezed. After reboot KRuler restarted instead of ScreenRuler. Before the crash KRuler was not in use.

    (KDE 4.6.2, Kubuntu 11.04, i386, ScreenRuler 0.891)

    Thanks for the comment. The newest version shows measurements on the ruler itself, so I think it solves that problem. Settings seem to be saved fine in Gnome, which is the supported platform for the Gnome Screen Ruler. If you want to file a bug about settings not being saved in KDE, someone might address it:

  5. Ruvada says:

    I observed freezing of my system was not due to KRuler. It happened also while resizing my browser. KDE has still some major bugs. However, I did not like the Windows-like window manager of Gnome, which does not allow resizing some windows.

  6. Pasha Mesh says:

    How I can install it on Ubuntu 11.10 x64?

    ScreenRuler could not be installed in 11.10 because some dependencies were dropped, and the app was not yet updated to use the new technologies. It has since been updated and now works, and will at some point be back in Debian/Ubuntu repos.

  7. Joe says:

    How do you install it from source? It’s just a directory with a bunch of Ruby files. I tried the link on this webpage, but it errors saying, “There isn’t a software package called ‘screenruler’ in your current software sources”.

    Simply run ./screenruler.rb after getting the dependencies.

  8. hipitihop says:

    Sensational, works well !! thank you for this. I know it has track mouse, would also love measure between two points, but likely would need some magnify option on selection

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