Luz Studio – [video] live painting and gaming at ReallyBIGVideo

My LightTroupe co-conspirators and I had the opportunity to bring some Luz live motion-graphics fun to ReallyBigVideo for Portland’s “First Thursday” event:

As always, our guests take control:

Open sauce for the childrens.

Helmets recommended.

El Maestro.

Experimenting with new types of live-visuals gaming.

The shooter game on the right screen in the video below is written within Luz, as a plugin.

Each game character is created visually as a normal Actor in Luz Studio. The game code is Ruby, and can be changed and reloaded without restarting Luz Studio.

We are literally creating games live, and people can even play the game while it’s being created. What..!? Is this much fun supposed to be possible?

The mural on the left projector is being drawn live (tired of this word yet?), in a Luz Studio-created painting activity.

OK so… who wants to join the Too Much Fun Club?

See Luz Tutorials and Luz project page for install instructions.


One Response to Luz Studio – [video] live painting and gaming at ReallyBIGVideo

  1. arpu says:

    hello is this ruby game plugin available? i cannot find this in bzr :-/

    i want play with this 😀

    Our Luz games are currently unreleased.

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