ScreenRuler is now translatable in

If you’d like to contribute translations, check out:

This is my first translatable app so please also let me know if I did anything wrong!



2 Responses to ScreenRuler is now translatable in

  1. danilosegan says:

    You should generally put the .pot file in a separate subdirectory (common practice is to use “po/”). And with Launchpad, you can also set it up to use intltool to generate the template so you don’t have to have it committed in the branch (just add a listing source files that it needs to look through, and if “intltool-update -p” generates the template properly, you are good to go).

    And once you put it in the separate directory, you may also want to set Launchpad up so it exports translations directly to your branch as well (though, if you also want to accept translations from outside sources, you should not do that because it’s hard to guarantee that they’ll be imported).

    Thanks Danilo! It seems the .pot has to be created using ‘rgettext’ so I’m not sure if that’ll work. Can you elaborate on the benefits of a po/ subdirectory?

  2. danilosegan says:

    po/ subdirectory will provide a nicer split when you start getting a bunch of translations, and you start needing to store all the .po files in your branch. One usually doesn’t want them polluting the source code directory.

    Oh, and btw, I am surprised to see ruby not supported by xgettext directly. We should all just start to port things into gettext-proper :/

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