GNOME ScreenRuler translation question

GNOME ScreenRuler‘s translation effort on seems to be going well. Many languages are mostly done.

I’ve noticed that many translators are avoiding this translation item:

Keyboard Tips

Arrow Keys move the ruler by 1 pixel.
Alt + Arrow Keys resize the ruler.

Hold Shift to move or resize faster.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 keys set ruler metric.

Enter key to see menu.

Mouse Tips

Drag the ruler around your screen.
Drag ruler ends to resize the ruler.

Left-Click on menu button to see menu.
Right-Click to see menu.
Double-Click to see Settings window.
Middle-Click to rotate the ruler.

This is, of course, the ScreenRuler’s help window’s content in the GLADE file.

I’m wondering if I should break this down into a series of smaller labels, to make translation less daunting, or if this text belongs together.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Comments are open.

Ubuntu Users:
sudo apt-get install screenruler


4 Responses to GNOME ScreenRuler translation question

  1. Alfredo Hernández says:

    Oh, I totally forgot to translate that. I’m on it.

  2. Hey there!

    pt_BR done 🙂 Thank you!!

    Regarding your question… at least based on my experience… I start with small strings, and leave the shortcuts, help pages, bigger ones for later.

    By doing that I can define the shortcuts (trying to follow the original language), and later I can have an overview of what shortcuts and, luckily, on what contexts were already set.

  3. F Wolff says:

    Yes, you should split it, for a few reasons:
    – it is demotivating to see a string like that as a translator
    – with smaller strings people might have suggestions from previous translations in their translation tool that can help them speed up the work
    – every line stands on its own, and you might want to add/remove/change things from that list in future, I guess
    – if/when you change something, depending on the translation tools, it can be hard/frustrating to find the change(s) and update the translation correctly
    – even when translating originally, it is easy to skip a line if translators don’t use tools that help them catch such errors in review

  4. Alfredo Hernández says:

    en_UK, es_ES and ca_ES done. Thanks for the splitting.

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