[VIDEO] Evilish! An original digital puppet play created by children in Luz Studio

Several LightTroupe co-conspirators and I have been volunteering at The Roost, an afterschool space for young people in the 6th-8th grade in Portland, Oregon.

We’ve been introducing them to Luz Studio, having lots of fun, and conducting a sort of informal UX study, which has resulted in lots of usability improvements to Luz Studio.

After several months, we began an ambitious project: a digital puppet play written, hand-drawn, storyboarded, Luz-animated, and performed live by the children for friends and family.

It was a lot of work, and I’m extremely happy with the result!

All the art assets were hand-drawn on paper, scanned and cut out, and used as digital puppets in Luz.

For the performance, the voice actors each had a WiiMote in hand, where they could control the mouths and other actions of their characters live.

I hope you enjoy. (Apologies for the recording quality, it’s not the best.)

Do enable subtitles as some of the lines can be difficult to understand.

Watch on Youtube.

Luz Studio open source project page.

Luz Studio tutorials page.


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