Luz Project Source Code Guide goes online

February 28, 2012

Luz is a live motion graphics editor and performer, and live DMX light controller.

I’ve put the start of a guide to Luz’s source code online.

It contains information about how Luz, which is written in Ruby (slow!) achieves 60+ FPS (fast!), and lots more about the how and why of Luz. The document allows comments, so please let me know your thoughts!

Check it out and enjoy.


Fun with Luz Motion Graphics + Chipmunk 2D Physics

November 1, 2011

Luz is a live motion graphics editor and performer for the Linux desktop. With the addition of Chipmunk 2D Physics, it is a game development studio.

Multiple physics simulations running with different gravity settings.

In a fully vector world, zooming in shows more detail.

More examples of what you can make with Luz Studio.

Luz Studio – Game Physics Update 03 [VIDEO]

August 2, 2011

Luz Studio is an open-source live motion-graphics editor and performer, now with embedded game elements:

Watch on Youtube.

Luz Studio – [VIDEO] Game Physics Update

July 31, 2011

Luz is an open-source live motion graphics editor and performer.

And game design studio.

Levels are created as standard Inkscape SVG files:

Properties of the objects are parsed from the “Description” field, as seen with “elasticity” in the above screenshot.

Watch on YouTube

Animated Luz actors can be placed around a level, such as the background and the flag pole in the above video.

The next step is to add triggers and conditions for winning/losing, and this will make a solid puzzle game development platform.

Luz project page.

Luz Studio – Live Code Editing and Reloading demo

July 26, 2011

Luz is a live motion graphics editor and performer.

Being able to reload the source code of an app without restarting it speeds up development immensely!

The video below is a short snippet of actual development of Luz Studio, where I’m finalizing the support for the DiscoverDJ device that was plunked down on my desk by a co-conspirator.

Luz project page.

Open-Source Live Interactive Visuals at ReallyBIGVideo Studios

July 25, 2011

The video and photos from the last Luz-powered interactive show have been edited together:

Luz project page.

Luz Studio – Novacut Video Remixes

July 16, 2011

For the fun of it and to lend moral support to Novacut’s Kickstarter Campaign ending Friday, July 29th

These are all available in 720p, great for watching fullscreen.


Remix 1

Remix 2

With apologies for ignoring brand guidelines and such. 😀

Luz Studio is an open-source live motion graphics editor and performer.