text support in Luz

September 2, 2009

I’m working on adding text rendering to Luz:

Luz Studio Text Example

With Luz you build visuals by combining the 180+ plugins and attaching their settings to human inputs or animations.

The creations you make can be played live using MIDI devices, OpenSoundControl, Gamepads, Wiimotes, laptop touchpads, and Wacom Tablets.

Get Involved!

Luz needs a tutorial video! Do you have a fast linux computer? Interested in visualization?

If you think you could create a good instructional video, I will personally teach you how to use Luz first. Interested? shoot me an email => ian at openanswers.org


New in Luz Music Visualization Studio

September 26, 2008

Luz hotness, fresh out of the oven…

New Beat Monitor

The beat monitor now shows which beat you’re on, filling up bars as you go 1,2,3,4-clear-1,2,…

Here, we’re half way through beat 3 of 4.  (Of course the number 4 is configurable!)

New Three-Pane Studio

Added a director view, for a total of three (left to right):

  • selected actor(s)
  • selected director(s)
  • output preview

The three views match the first three tabs, for a satisfying symmetry.

How to Get It

No packages yet, sorry!  Ubuntu users can get Luz like this:

  1. sudo apt-get install bzr ruby1.8 libgtk2-ruby libglade2-ruby libgtkglext1-ruby librmagick-ruby1.8 libcairo-ruby libsdl-ruby1.8 libgems-ruby1.8
  2. bzr branch https://code.launchpad.net/~ian-mcintosh/luz/trunk luz
  3. cd luz
  4. ./luz_editor.rb

Then prepare to feel like a caveman picking up Photoshop for the first time.  We badly need some instructional videos.

Luz at Play

August 26, 2008

Creations like this happen pretty much nightly in my house these days.

This is a visual synth created in Luz.

I’ll start recording these directly on the computer if I ever figure out how to make RecordMyDesktop capture the playing music instead of the mic.   Ugh!