Luz Project Source Code Guide goes online

February 28, 2012

Luz is a live motion graphics editor and performer, and live DMX light controller.

I’ve put the start of a guide to Luz’s source code online.

It contains information about how Luz, which is written in Ruby (slow!) achieves 60+ FPS (fast!), and lots more about the how and why of Luz. The document allows comments, so please let me know your thoughts!

Check it out and enjoy.


Luz Studio 0.91 makes the move from Glade to GtkBuilder, gets WAY faster startups

February 26, 2012

Luz is a live motion graphics editor and performer.

With this change, startup time is down from ~4 seconds to under 1 second. Mainly I think this is due to using separate builder XML files, as opposed to one massive glade XML file that I now believe was being loaded repeatedly (once for each toplevel window).

Now I need to figure out what happened to the Ruby bindings for GtkGLExt, and Luz will be able to run in Ubuntu 11.10 and up (bug).

Though I’m not on 11.10 yet, so any help would be appreciated!


Video tutorials:

where did libgtkglext1-ruby go in ubuntu 11.10?

December 28, 2011

I was hoping someone could offer some hints.

Comments are open or reply at the related bug:

Studly – the little study buddy that could – Translators Needed!

November 23, 2011

Translations are underway, and some are 100% done:

Is your language?

Some languages *were* done, then I tried them in Studly and realized I had missed some strings.

Thanks for your contributions!!

If you’re interested in making desktop apps with a most beautiful and sexy programming language (Ruby), I encourage you to check out the code to Studly– it’s under 500 lines, fairly clear, and accomplishes a lot.

Luz Pong Game update video

September 11, 2011

Update to Pong game: YouTube video.

Luz Tutorial Videos.

Luz Project Page.

Luz Physics Game Progress

September 4, 2011

Luz Studio is a live motion graphics editor and performer.

Chipmunk 2D Physics have been added to Luz, and Luz has become a powerful hyper-visual arcade game creation tool.

In this recording, the paddles are automated, though when we bring this to venues we’ve used WiiMotes and DiscoverDJ turntables:

Luz also supports DMX output, so game events can drive venue DMX lighting, DMX fog machines, DMX lasers.

Luz Studio project page.

Luz Studio video tutorials.

[VIDEO] Evilish! An original digital puppet play created by children in Luz Studio

August 28, 2011

Several LightTroupe co-conspirators and I have been volunteering at The Roost, an afterschool space for young people in the 6th-8th grade in Portland, Oregon.

We’ve been introducing them to Luz Studio, having lots of fun, and conducting a sort of informal UX study, which has resulted in lots of usability improvements to Luz Studio.

After several months, we began an ambitious project: a digital puppet play written, hand-drawn, storyboarded, Luz-animated, and performed live by the children for friends and family.

It was a lot of work, and I’m extremely happy with the result!

All the art assets were hand-drawn on paper, scanned and cut out, and used as digital puppets in Luz.

For the performance, the voice actors each had a WiiMote in hand, where they could control the mouths and other actions of their characters live.

I hope you enjoy. (Apologies for the recording quality, it’s not the best.)

Do enable subtitles as some of the lines can be difficult to understand.

Watch on Youtube.

Luz Studio open source project page.

Luz Studio tutorials page.